☀️Importance of Metapotamians NFT Assets

NFT assets in the platform will be evaluated according to the sector. As explained in the metaverse operation section, the system and all products will be protected with the base price application, while the platform will be open for use without the ceiling price application. They will be able to reach users digitally as they wish, without damaging any of their brand values. Another way of preserving this feature draws attention as the total production of the works. Thanks to the limitations, the products will be produced in a certain number and the purchasers will gain value in their wallets. Thus, the brands on the platform will constantly produce new works, and previous products and works value will continue to raise.

The entire ecosystem will be automated so that all products can be valued and attracted on a platform where 8,000 companies will initially have a total of 15,000 corporate structures, and no product will be added there only for advertising purposes. While determining the number of the work to be sold in his office, a photographer will not only have to make a profit for himself, but also will have to consider this part by the investor and determine the number of NFTs accordingly.

A carpenter, by designing unique products, minting 1, 2 or 5 NFTs, will try to bring his own product to the market at a much more expensive price, competing to make both the platform and his work higher quality and more expensive. On the other hand, another carpenter will not be able to lower the quality of the platform by lowering the price, nor will he be able to lower the value of NFT works of investors and users. Thus, an ever-increasing ecosystem will begin to match the desired quality in the real world on the Metapotamians platform.

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