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Universe of Metapotamians

Metapotamians universe will serve as a digital medium built on the real Mesopotamian land. In this region, a total of 15,000 hexagons (lands) will be offered for sale and will be offered to users gradually. In the universe where sales planning will be made in a way that priority will be given to the companies of ASKON and other partner associations, then investors will be able to purchase the lands they wish.
Other users and investors will be able to become involved in the life of Metapotamians by establishing their businesses or offices, as well as the services provided by brands in these areas. Here they will be able to sell and generate income. The use of tens of different sectors and areas of art in the universe to be planned under the leadership of ASKON Association will progress and be used in a way that users can navigate in the environment with their own characters. Real-life progress, social life structure and many more will be reflected here, and the use of the real “metaverse” structure will be in service.
All commercial relations within the Metapotamians universe will be integrated with the NFT Marketplace structure, and the operations within the system will be instantly transferred to the accounts with the blockchain structure. With the help of the Wallet, commercial studies on the entire system will be transferred to users and investors without wasting time, and it will be ensured to proceed in accordance with the real-world commercial structure.