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Token Details

The token of the Metapotamians project will be called MTP. It will be easily accessible by everyone. As the income and development process increase, it will take its place on the platforms used by all crypto investors with the possibility of using more exchanges.
In the first phase, only the tokens reserved for Presale and IDO will be available and all other tokens will be
locked as described in the “Tokenomics” section. The portion reserved for liquidity will not be locked, but it will
not be used by the team either. It will be added to the pool for new investors to reach via Pancakeswap.
Users will use their tokens for trading on exchanges, while they will use them for commercial activities in the metaverse universe. Within the metaverse universe and the NFT market, it will not be possible to trade with any asset other than the MTP token.
The tokens in the Governance section will be used for existing platform users, companies owned by associations
and the reward system, and will remain locked until the metaverse universe and NFT market are active.
Tokens in Partner and Marketing will be sent according to the agreements made, and will be supported by agreements that will prevent the sales of the agreed places directly from the exchanges. Priority in partner agreements will be for “stake”. Tokens belonging to the team part will be locked for at least 1 year.
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