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What is NFT?

The expansion of the NFT concept is explained as a non-fungible token. Non-fungible token; is a digital asset that represents real-world objects such as art, music, digital games-related items, and videos. It is often bought and sold online with cryptocurrency. You can think of NFT as a kind of cryptocurrency. But what is bought and sold here and seen as valuable is not money but things. In other words, they are digital assets that have a value. The reason why it is similar to crypto currency is that it has a crypto-based structure, such as the ETH (Ethereum) blockchain (a securely shared and decentralized ledger). NFT collections also include all the things produced in the virtual environment and on which ownership rights can be obtained.
Owning a non-fungible token means you own a digitally existing work of art or anything you consider valuable. In other words, you become the digital owner of NFT, which has a unique value. You can sell the digital asset you own, thinking it is valuable, in the same way. You set the price yourself. It should be noted that the creator of the NFT work is not forgotten in this sale. In other words, after selling the design, a certain commission on each sale can go to the creator of it. The person who created it can set this setting before making the sale. Getting commissions is one of the important services that NFT offers. Because in traditional sales, after the work of art is sold, that piece belongs entirely to the person who bought it.
In the Metapotamians universe, these NFTs will appear as products. You will be able to buy NFT by shopping at the stores of the brands in the universe. You will also have physical access to some of these digital products.