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What are Metapotamians?

We call the Metapotamians the name of the structure that will contain the feelings of all generations and tribes that have lived since the first existence of Mesopotamian lands but will give an experience beyond current life with metaverse technology. Because we bring together all the values of this region from the past to the future with the structure we have established. While following the traces of Mesopotamia's past, you will find the opportunity to visit and shop in the excellent shops and offices where important brands and companies are located. While experiencing all the beauties of the past and present at the same time, living in the metaverse world with beautiful messages from the future, you will live a life where you can live, shop, and reach new people in social environments just like in real life.
While the Metapotamians present all these opportunities to you in the lands of humanity's existence, they will continue to offer you all the blessings of this region as a surprise. Metapotamians continue to progress with important partnerships to strengthen their own structure by the values of the environment and region. Metapotamians, which incorporates an important association such as ASKON (Anatolian Lions Businessmen's Association) to strengthen it, brings a powerful universe in front of you with the partnership of approximately 8000 companies. Besides the stores of 8000 companies, you will be able to reach all your dreams and reach your happiest moments in this universe, where many important brands will take place.
Metapotamians offers its users an NFT marketplace experience where they can buy and sell NFTs along with virtual land purchase. In addition, the project that will develop with VR solutions; there will be many things integrated like applications such as shopping, art shows, concerts, meetings and job interviews with the AR game experience, integrating daily life. Developments related to all sectors will be realized through real-life brands.
For example; You will carry out the real estate sector-related purchase and sale services through the representatives of real brands within the Metapotamians project. When purchasing the NFT of a product, you will still receive service from the real brands of that industry.
Within the Metapotamians project;
- Metaverse universe
- Stores and offices of real brands
- Land purchase and sale
- You will be able to access NFT Market services for product purchase and sale.