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Metaverse Operation

The operation of the Metapotamians project in the metaverse field is that, unlike other projects, it will be improved by considering the values of real-life brands. The prepared structure enables corporates that want to be integrated into the system, especially companies affiliated to the ASKON association, to display, market and trade their values as digital assets. Users will be able to access the brand values that will be exhibited in offices and stores in the Metaverse universe instantly, at any time without the problem of time. They will be able to review all the details and purchase they want at any time in the NFT Marketplace.
Products and works of the brands are produced in limited numbers and designed to make them more valuable and to offer profit opportunities for those who invest in them. For example, when an armchair brand integrates its product into the system with the blockchain structure, it will be able to market this product digitally, both digitally and physically, to anyone using the Metapotamians platform. Although there is a sales base price for all products depending on the sector, the ceiling price will completely depend on the brands themselves. Thus, while lower competition will be prevented, an ecosystem platform will be created by increasing the upstream competition.
While walking around Metapotamians, an environment where you can shop by entering the office or store you want, getting instant information about the products there, will be used actively in the social structure. All users will be able to communicate with each other at any time, and they will be able to create a communication environment as they wish, besides the commercial structure.